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small town kid, big time dreams

so you wanna get to know me, huh? 


I am a unique old soul with a love for uplifting others. My path to being a Creative came later than most, dedicating the first half of my life serving in the military, serving my community, and serving in a non-profit. 

I am not one to lie in the regrets of the "WHAT IF's," so I decided to pursue something I truly loved - to Create.

And, I pursued it with a relentless pursuit of passion

I am a proud father to two amazing children and a proud husband to one remarkable high-school sweetheart. 

Because of their support and the love of my family, I strive to be the best I can be. 

Proud of my roots

Motown on vinyl


Star Wars is life


Aiming for the stars


“I” - a singular letter in the context that only defines one’s self-existence is not

relevant for who I really am, as “I” am composed of the energy to

which I gain from this world.

The energy which is consumed through occurrences

derived from near-death experiences, scaling odds,

and the infamous phrase,

“It can’t be done.”

I have become resilient through the storms that have weathered my seas,

only to strengthen the ship’s core to withstand adversity.

I have become appreciative of life because I have seen the other end, and I have more to offer in this beautiful world than the latter.

Therefore, I have become charismatic to my craft; approaching the art of design and the gift of literature to express my energy to others.

Why hold onto a gift when it can be shared?

I believe in contributing positive action for a positive outcome. Focus then is narrating past negative energy into a positive force,

meant to infect those whom I can touch.

“I” am a product of my life experiences - I have become a Positive Energy with a goal to INSPIRE, CREATE, and TOUCH those I contact.

This is ME.

This is MY ENERGY.

Terrence vanDoorn, San Francisco

Why sleep on a dream when you can awaken it and make it a reality?



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Let's do this

Appreciate you !

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