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Senior Art Director
Web Design Consultant
Social Media Manager

In partnership with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Chevrolet, 

Carol H. Williams Advertising developed this campaign as an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) fellowship program.


DTU’s purpose is to create and share optimistic stories while reinforcing Chevrolet’s continued commitment to the African American community.

Creative Objective   

Increase African American engagement with the new Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Create access and opportunity to employment in industries that are actively evolving.

Build a program launch rebrand under Chevrolet’s Real Talk, Real Change initiative.

Social Media Management | Content Creation | 
Branding | Senior Art Direction

DTU2021_SocialProfile Picture.png

Social Media Branding Refresh. New Profile Picture and Wallpaper for all channels.


Involvement within the program included Social Media Consulting for the NNPA, as well as managing and creating posts for the channels. 

Social Media Stories formatted

and edited for cross-channel use.

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Design Recommendations for Social Engagement

Instagram Carousel

"Chevrolet DTU 2021 Recruitment Post"

Social Media Stories


HBCU Fellows worked with the NNPA to engage social media accounts, like TikTok and Instagram, to bring newsworthy content as new era journalists. The Social Media Management accounted for supervising the CHWA team on the tracking of statistics and engagement for Chevrolet's Marketing team and the NNPA.

Video Editing - Testimonials

Color Correction, Lower-Thirds, Intro and Outtro for Testimonial Videos used to recruit 2021 Chevrolet DTU HBCU Fellows. 

Motion Graphics Design

Created for Landing Page and YouTube.

Targeted Banner Ads


Banner Ads to promote HBCU Content Creator Journalists.


Web Design Consulting | Senior Art Direction

The website design included multiple phases of changes throughout the program to ensure constant engagement during the recruitment process, and after. The NNPA hosted the programming of assets as I was in charge of creating and implementing the design and layout from our agency.  To see the full website layout, visit


Special thanks to the amazing team:

Creative Directors - Thomas Watts & Carol Hood

Art Director - Oraya Hunter

Copywriter - Minerva Arias

NNPA and Chevrolet

& Congratulations to the amazing HBCU Fellows

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